Most people want to have that hourglass figure, forgetting we’re all created uniquely and differently. Asides from pills, creams, and concoctions, people have even resorted to undergoing surgery. BBL is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is becoming common, even on the shores of Nigeria.  Some of the risks of undergoing BBL surgery include:


Fat necrosis: This occurs when an area lacks the necessary blood supply and dies off, causing it to turn black. The skin may appear dimpled and uneven, or hard round lumps may form under the skin.

Infection: BBL surgery can cause a lot of complications, and some of the symptoms include fever, yellow or green discharge, redness, and odour coming from the surgical site. Cardiac and pulmonary complications: This occurs when fat is injected mistakenly into a punctured blood vessel, which can travel directly to the heart and into the lungs, obstructing blood flow and causing death.

Blood clots: BBL surgery can also restrict blood flow and lead to pain, swelling, or even death. 

The truth is, you can acquire the body shape you desire naturally through regular exercise and proper nutrition.  A full-body approach to your workouts with a clean diet is the key to getting your preferred body shape. Many exercises can boost the size, shape, and firmness of your booty but it takes time and patience to see results.  Consult a personal trainer for advice on what will work best for you.