Repair & Recover
Repair & Recover
Because ASTYMIN was intelligently formulated to mimic specific proportion of Essential Amino Acids in the muscles, administration of ASTYMIN during convalescence provides the required stimulus for the synthesis of muscle proteins. ASTYMIN also contains essential vitamins and minerals, thus providing the required nutrition for the recovering (convalescing) patient. By providing extra amino acids and calories for protein synthesis, ASTYMIN aids in promoting muscle protein synthesis.


What is the desire of a convalescent? To recover and be back on their feet. Critical catabolic reactions take place in the body during the healing period. The repair and regeneration of tissues depend on the necessary amino acids to succeed. Take leucine and other branched-chain amino acids (branched-chain amino acids can’t be produced by your body and must be obtained from food), for example, this helps to repair muscle and speed up the recovery rate of critically-ill people. Glutamine is also an important fuel for many cells in the immune system.

Astymin, rich in essential amino acids and vitamins in the correct proportion is what you need to experience quick recovery. It provides the necessary stimulation during convalescence for the synthesis of muscle proteins.

How Amino Acid Support Recovery

Astymin is a uniquely formulated blend of essential amino acids and vitamins that help the body repair and recover in times of stress, ill health, convalescence, and growth.

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