If being healthy is your priority, starting a fitness programme is a step in the right direction. We, therefore, invite you to the Astymin GetFit campaign. This is a social campaign initiated to promoting physical activity and fitness among Nigerians. Astymin is championing social advocacy on the importance of Exercise, fitness and general wellbeing. The objective is to make Nigerians understand the importance of exercise and physical activity to their physical and mental health, how these improve their productivity in a bid to achieving their life goals.


Health, they say, is wealth. If your priority is to maintain an ideal state of health, starting a fitness program is a step in the right direction. Drop the notion that exercises are done solely to burn fat. Did you know that recreation and exercise support brain function and cognitive performance? if you maintain a regular fitness program, you may reduce the risk of heart attacks, manage your weight better, have lower blood pressure, and even a healthier state of mind.

Not exercising at all could impair some cells of our immune system exposing us to increased risk of infections.

Fitness Lady
Supplementary use of Astymin ensures that the essential amino acids and vitamins that allow for the natural production of protein to repair muscle damage caused by exercise are available and also establish a lifestyle of physical and mental alertness

Witness the Fitness

Why not check out some of our exercise video below, whether the objective is to Aerobic Fitness, Bodybuilding or Flexibility


HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.

Core and Legs

Core exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program.


Bodybuilding makes not only a fit body but also a fit mind. The word bodybuilding says everything.